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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MS SQL Server Query to get Date difference of two dates in Days hours minutes and seconds

Hi in this post i will show how to get the date difference of two dates in DD:HH:MM:SS:MS format in MS Sql Server.

DD: Days
HH: Hours
MM: Minutes
SS: Seconds
MS: Milli Seconds

Sql Query :

,Days = datediff(dd, 0, DateDif)
,Hours = datepart(hour, DateDif)
,Minutes = datepart(minute, DateDif)
,Seconds = datepart(second, DateDif)
,MS = datepart(ms, DateDif)
SELECT DateDif = EndDate - StartDate
SELECT StartDate = convert(DATETIME, '05-02-2013 01:10:00.000')
,EndDate = getdate()
) a
) Result