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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SEO - keywords research using google keywords tool

1. Getting started with Keyword research. This i will show you using google keywords research tool.

Enter all your targeted keywords in the word or phrase box separated by comma, then select your locations you want to target. As in my case im targeting location as India  As it is more relevant to me as i would only be providing services in India only. Hence the location i will target here is India.

If you select the location as all the global and local monthly search count will be same.
Click on search to get the keywords results.

2. Export that generated results into the excel by clicking on download button.
We will be exporting the results in Excel so as to calculate the Daily local searches and the Keyword Effectiveness index(KEI) for the generated results.

Daily local searches(DLS) formula : monthly local search count / 30

KEI = (DLS)*(DLS) / Competition

competition equals to below marked value. Example for keyword "Seo Company" competition is 231000

3. Now lets calculate Daily local search i.e. DLS and KEI

For a Keyword with KEI value 0.01 or less Ignore such keywords as such keyword will never help in optimize your search results.

4. Remove the keywords with KEI less than 0.01 and Rest of the keywords you can use it in your websites. For example in Title tage, meta description, Anchor tag, H1 ..H2 tag etc. Higher the KEI means higher the keyword is getting used during search. Hence more the competition for that keyword.