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Monday, April 1, 2013

Features of .net framework 4.0

Features of .net framework 4.0 ?

a. We can enable and disable viewstate.

b. Output cache extensibility which means we can use hard drives or any other memory resources to save
the cache data.

c. we can compress the session state values.

d. Response.Redirectpermanent new keyword to permanently redirect to a page.

e. New Keywords introduced in code behind for meta keywords and meta description.
    example : page.metadescription = "Welcome to my website. we provide services for web designing"
                        page.metakeywords = "web designing, professional web designers "

f. Routing in 4.0. It helps us to provide a more meaningful URLs.
   using routing we can change it to

e. Some of the sections from the webconfig file has been moved to the machine config file, which makes our web config file more cleaner and easy to manage.

f. new keyword enviroment.is64bitoperatingsystem introduced to check whether the operating system is a 64 bit or not.

g. Side by side execution : This helps us to run applications simultaneously which are based on different .net frameworks.
 example : one application is on .net 3.5 and other is on .net 4.0 both can run simultaneously.
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