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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

difference between WCF and web services

web service
It is an web application  where there is no user interface, just we write the method with implementations which is then consumed by other applications.

windows communication foundation
Its has all the features of a web services other than this it has lot many other advantages.
WCF was introduced with .net 3.0 framework with a view of creating service oriented architectures.

WCF web service
WCF service can be invoked from HTTP,TCP,MSMQ,Named Pipes Web service can be invoked only by HTTP
it can be hosted in the IIS, Self Hosting and WAS(Windows Activation service) It can be only hosted in IIS
Its Supports various type of bindings like http or tcp etc It supports SOAP 
Its is flexible as whenever we make a new version of the service just we to expose a new endpoint web service is not flexible
It uses datacontractserializer which is better in performance than web service it uses XMLserializer
File extension of the WCF is .svc File extension on Web service is .asmx
Supports Security, Reliable messaging, Transaction, Interoperability  Supports Security
service contract, data contract, message contract,operation contract are used in service Here web method and web service are used
Fault contract handles exception whereas in web service exception are given back to client
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