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Saturday, March 30, 2013

What is SEO

What  is SEO ?

SEO (Search Engine optimization) is a way of optimizing websites so as to get a better page rank and more search visibility during search operations. This is possible when the website is regularly getting crawled. crawling is a process where a crawler or the internet bot visits all the web pages and indexes the data into the database.

So whenever we search, the search engine fetches the data from the database and displays all the relevant search results on the search engine page. The highly optimized websites and the websites with high page rank gets displayed on the first page of the search results.

SEO Techniques :
1. On Page
 Under this we apply search engine optimization techniques on the webpages i.e. the HTML pages.

Eg.: a)In HTML page we check that all the relevant keywords targeting for the website should correspond to the text in the title tag, heading tag, content etc

b) There should not be any keyword stuffing or no overwriting of the same thing again and again into the website, such things can give your website bad points and your search visibility can go down.

2. Off Page
 Under this technique we provide large number of backlinks to the websites by blog posting, website directory submission, Article writing etc.

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