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Thursday, March 28, 2013

.net framework

.net framework what it is and how it works ?

1. .net framework is application development framework designed by Microsoft.
2. It is used by developers to develop windows or web based applications.
3. CLR i.e Common Language Run time is one of the important component of the .net Framework which is  responsible for code execution, Memory allocation, Security.

4. CLR uses JIT(Just in Time Compiler) for Converting the MSIL code to machine code. Machine code is the final execution.
5. This .net framework ensures that code written in different languages can interact with each other.
6. The various components of the .Net framework are :

  a) CLR 
  b) CTS
  c) Security 
  d) Deployment 
  e) Class library
  f) Cross language Interportibility