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Sunday, March 31, 2013

meta keywords, meta description and title tags

meta keywords, meta description and titles tags. This is what appears on the search engine page for any websites.

Before this lets talk about how the search engine page looks like

So it consists of the search box where we type our keywords, the ads section to the top and on the right hand side and finally the organic search results i.e the websites with high page rank and also most relevant to the keywords entered in the search.

Now lets see where are the Meta description and title located.

The above image shows what we type in the title tag of the html page appears here and whatever the text we write in the meta description tags of the html page appears below it.

In the Meta keywords section of the html page we enter all possible keywords targeting for that website like if we have a web design company we can target keywords as web design company, web designers, professional designers etc and can enter these keywords in the meta keywords section of the html page.

As of now Google search engine has stopped using meta keywords to get the relevant websites as per the keyword entered. but still other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc still uses the meta keyword to get the relevant websites to the keyword entered in the search engine text.

There are various numbers of websites which provides tools to generate meta description, meta keywords and title tags.

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